Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC Impact report for the year 2021

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC Impact report for the year 2021

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre Impact Report 2021

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC celebrates after receiving £10k National Lottery funding to run its Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC is celebrating after being awarded almost £10,000 in National Lottery funding to support its work running the Ubuntu Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre.

The funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, will enable Ubuntu to kick start their advice, support and guidance services based at the Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre.  The services will be delivered at the centre in the form of one-to-one consultations, workshops, and webinars delivered by external providers or staff members after appropriate training.

The grant will also allow the Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre to operate three days a week, including one day dedicated to food parcel pickups with a dedicated Centre Coordinator, Volunteers and the rent fee. The organisation is currently putting more than 60 food parcels together a week. As lockdown lifts, and with the help of this new funding, the organisation aims to increase this to 100+ a week.

John Kabuye, Founder Director, says:

 “We’re delighted that The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised our work in this way. We are now able to press on with our plans.  The goal of the Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre is to give beneficiaries the confidence and know-how to navigate public and private services. This will enable them to exercise their rights wherever they go in the future.’’

About the Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre

The new Multicultural ‘Drop-in’ Centre located on 49 Clifton Street in Middlesbrough has been open for multicultural tailored food parcel preparation and pickups since 01/11/2020. The aim is to offer impartial, non-judgmental, and non-directive education, advice, support, and advocacy, and is a space where:

  • Individuals can explore their options in a safe, comfortable, and trusted place through training, workshops, cultural dance, meetings, and food.
  • The local community and authority agencies can learn about different cultures to create a stronger relationship with ethnic minority communities.

The organisation, Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC, was founded in February 2020, after founders John and Irene Kabuye identified ethnic minority communities in Middlesbrough often lacked the confidence and trust to seek and access help.

A community engagement survey co-produced with Civil Society Consulting CIC (CSC) in November 2020, demonstrated that local ethnic minority communities were in need of support to access public services (schools, healthcare, police, and social services). Ubuntu will work closely with local agencies, including the police and social services, to support beneficiaries to access these services. This support will include signposting and information sessions.

Beneficiaries will include migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and wider ethnic minority communities. Despite this, the centre is inclusive: all members of the community, from all backgrounds are welcome. This will serve to build strong relationships in and across communities.

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John Kabuye

Founder Director

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC


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Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC: Community Engagement Report (Press Release)

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC: Community Engagement Report (Press Release)

Huge support for physical launch of Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC in Middlesbrough after COVID-19 Setback

We are middlesbrough story

We are middlesbrough story

When John Kabuye first moved to Teesside in 2004, he remembers walking down the high street in Stockton and never seeing another black face.

“On many occasions people would think I was a footballer,” he laughs.

Stay Home and control the virus

Stay Home and control the virus

Stay home, Protect the NHS and save lives. The new Covid-19 variant is spreading fast.

Helping to feed struggling families with children this half term

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre is teaming up with Together Middlesbrough and Cleveland to provide Feast of fun to families with children.

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