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About Us


Middlesbrough is one of the most diverse areas in the northeast. Many of our Ethnic migrants are yearning for a place they can call home, where they can come to offload and talk to other people who can relate to or have passed through the same situation, while having a cup of tea.


Currently there is lack of information flow between the police, social services and the local authorities and migrant communities in the area. Our communities fear the police and are scared of seeking help from the authorities.

The communities now more than ever need someone to act as a link between them and the services. Someone the communities can relate to as a role model to them especially the young ones.



Having a closer relationship between the communities and the local authorities and the agencies will lead to good communication, knowing what is expected of all of us.

This will result in improved crime reporting and less offending, therefore improving the community's way of life and empowering communities and promoting community cohesion.

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